Ancorn Outplacement services support clients with smooth training transaction management of employees to other suitable employers seeking candidates with similar skills and experience.

our consultants will conduct focused campaigns to find appropriate career opportunities with our active clients as well as other organizations. These opportunities are for the affected employees on the basis of their skills, preferences and constraints. Whether you call them corporate outplacement services, employee outplacement services, corporate downsizing, mass layoff services or just outplacements. We understand that what impact we have on people’s life.

Our commitment to personal service for those in out-placement and to design highly customizable and affordable solutions for the companies, who wish to provide outplacement to those in career transition, makes us a corporate outplacement service provider of choice to both large and small companies through out India.


1.A service offering counselling and careers advice for company. Reducing Staff.

2. We offer a single point of contact for each referred person.

3. We offer ongoing email and telephone support included as part of the service.



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