Flexi Staff Management

Flexi Staff management - Backend Support (FSM), in short FSM is the talk of the time. In FSM, organizations subsidies the burden of their Backend support to a Vendor, who is responsible to undertake all the operational activities involved with the process.

This is a co-employment relationship where we act as your extended HR team and assume responsibility for obligations all the HR, administration and statutory compliances. Integration of recruitment team, client support teams and legal teams ensure that our clients have an edge over the others. Use of Flexi Staff Management arrangements—including temporary help agency, short-term, on-call, regular part-time, and contract staff—is widespread and two-thirds of employers believe this use will increase in the near future.

Traditional reasons concerning the need to accommodate fluctuations in workload or absences in staff are the most commonly cited reasons for using all types of Flexi Staff Management arrangements. Many employers also use agency temporaries and part-time

Staff to screen candidates for regular positions. Finally, savings on benefits costs is an important factor determining employers’ use of Flexi Staff Management arrangements. Staff in Flexi Staff Management arrangements typically are not covered by regulations governing benefits, and they typically do not receive key benefits, like pension benefits and health insurance, when these benefits are offered to regular full-time staff.Employers’ use of temporary, on-call, part-time, and contract employment is wide spread and available evidence suggests the fraction of employment in certain Flexi Staff Management arrangements is growing.




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